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1C Software Products

Standard Solutions

Latest price update: 01.07.2024

1C:Accounting 8 for Azerbaijan

   “1C:Accounting 8” is a professional tool for maintaining records, preparing and submitting mandatory reports.
   Clear accounting in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and business needs, saving time when making settlements with counterparties, processing documents and business transactions, effective user support combined with high work comfort.

Starting Price: 470 ₼

1C:HR and Payroll for Azerbaijan

   “1C:Salary and Personnel Management” is a mass-produced program that allows you to comprehensively automate tasks related to the calculation of personnel wages and the implementation of personnel policies, taking into account the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the actual practice of enterprises. Successfully used to manage human resources of commercial enterprises of various sizes.

Starting Price: 690 ₼

1C:Integrated Automation for Azerbaijan

   “1C:Integrated Automation” allows you to organize a unified information system for managing various aspects of an enterprise’s activities and reflect in a single database the operational, managerial, accounting and tax accounting of one or more enterprises. Regulated reporting for each enterprise can be generated separately.
   The standard solution does not involve maintaining planning and budgeting within the database.

Starting Price: 1 890 ₼

1C:Company Management for Azerbaijan

   “1C:Company Management for Azerbaijan” is intended for organizations that trade wholesale, retail or through online stores, maintain warehouse records, provide services, perform contract work or engage in small-scale production.
   The standard functionality of the program does not provide for accounting and tax accounting using double entry, but provides enough functions for maintaining management accounting.

Starting Price: 640 ₼

1C:ERP Enterprise Management

   “1C:ERP Enterprise Management” (“1C:ERP”) is an innovative and effective solution from the 1C company for creating a comprehensive information system for managing any enterprise. This product allows you to automate all major business processes, monitor key performance indicators of the enterprise, organize the interaction of services and departments, coordinate the activities of production departments, evaluate the efficiency of the enterprise, individual departments and personnel.

Starting Price: 14 533 ₼

1C:DocFlow 8

   The software product “1C:DocFlow 8” is a modern ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system with a wide range of capabilities for managing business processes and employee collaboration.
   Proven methods and practices that will help organize electronic document flow, establish processes, ensure control over task execution, regulate management activities and increase its efficiency.
   The program integrates seamlessly with 1C:ERP.

Starting Price: 1 316 ₼

1C:Retail for Azerbaijan

   “1C:Retail 8 for Azerbaijan” helps to fully automate all the main business processes of both an individual store and a retail chain. The program is suitable for working with retail equipment and labeling systems, is customized individually for the tasks of any area of trade and helps to increase the efficiency of the store.
   Seamlessly integrates with 1C:Inventory Management.

Starting Price: 440 ₼

1C:Inventory Management for Azerbaijan

   The application solution “1C:Inventory Management for Azerbaijan” is intended for maintaining operational and management accounting, including managing sales, deliveries, orders, turnover and other processes related to the economic activities of the enterprise. The product allows you to plan the company’s activities, conduct analysis and track the dynamics of implementation.

Starting Price: 890 ₼

Latest price update: 01.07.2024